An Experimental Art Project

The Marriage Project is an experiment intended to connect Artwork with Art Lovers. A Ketubah, or Marriage Agreement, is entered between the artists and the Art Lovers, which includes specific duties related to the marriage of art and art lover.

When you are ready to commit, take a look at the artwork available on this website. Should you agree to participate, no “dowry” will be required to commence the Marriage – all that is required is a heartfelt promise to respect, to love, and to provide a proper home for the Art.

As with a traditional Ketubah agreement, if after a period of time you no longer love the Art, simply contact the artists to return the work. No lawyers, no alimony, no regrets – just part of our experiment in The Marriage Project.

You can see participants of The Marriage Project HERE.

Click to find out how to participate in The Marriage Project.

Got Art that needs love?

We’re looking for a few local artists to participate in our project. Contact us for more information.



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